Find a perfectly suitable professor!

About the project

We are all different, and our goals are different as well. Some decide to go the easy way, while others prefer challenges. Unfortunately, studying programmes are not perfect and do not account for students' special needs.

There were times when I wished professors demanded more from me (when the course was interesting and useful), other times I wished the requirements were lower. Harsh reality is that courses that are not compulsory for my profession took most of the time, leaving absolutely required courses in the background.

Today students in most universities are allowed not only to create their own schedules, but also to choose professors. This led me to a thought that it should be possible to “meet” your professor before you actually start attending the lectures.

Right now there are not enough feedbacks about Estonian professors on the Internet. I am hoping this project will improve the situation.

The main goal of this project is not to rate professors according to some scale. There are no perfect or bad professors, you just have to find one that suits you.